Juggling Elephants

Juggling Elephants
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Tired of the struggle to get it ALL done? Maybe it's time you ran off and joined the circus...

Jones Loflin is the co-author of the award-winning book, Juggling Elephants. The book is a simple but profound story about a universal problem: Too much to do, too many priorities, too much stress, and too little time.

For over 12 years audience have immediately connected with the powerfully simple solutions offered by looking at your work and life like a 3 ring circus. Add Jones’ infectious energy and unique ability to get an audience engaged, and you’ll understand why so many groups choose this keynote or training program for their organization.

Programs available range from a 1 hour keynote to a 1 day competency-based training. Scroll down the page to review some general descriptions of what Jones delivers when he helps your people start running their circus-instead of the letting the circus run THEM!

Here's one of Jones’ weekly videos where he gives tips on how to be a better ringmaster of your circus:



Juggling Elephants-Be The Ringmaster Of Your Work and Life

In this 45-75 minute presentation, Jones offers keen insight on how we seem to be constantly struggling with too much to do. He offers the timely solution of using the blueprint of a circus to help your people get more of the things done that are important to them and your organization. In this humorous and thought-provoking message, Jones shares five key strategies based on concepts in the book, including:

  • Better prioritizing what needs to get done so not everything is a “crisis”

  • Taking more conscious control of your time and energy

  • Creating a concrete plan to transform ideas and goals into part of your daily tasks and activities

  • Improving your relationships with others to increase their engagement on what is most important to you and the organization

  • Discovering ways to sustain productivity in today's "always on" work environment


It’s Time To Start Running YOUR Circus!

The half or full day training based on Juggling Elephants follows a 6 step process to equip participants to get their most important things done both at work and in life. The six steps are:

  • Stop Trying To Juggle Elephants

  • Be The Ringmaster

  • Create The Lineup

  • Work With The Performers

  • Take An Intermission

  • Plan For The Next Performance

While the half-day training delivers strategies, insights and applications for each section, the full-day training is a deeper cut, allowing more time for application exercises and additional learning. We work with you to design a program that best meets your needs, adding additional content where needed and spending less time on areas not as critical to your people. Contact us to start planning your program!


If you’re ready to make a significant change in how you manage the struggle of too much to do, a series of coaching sessions with Jones is the perfect way to get started. With a variety of coaching options, he will find a plan that works with your level of commitment and schedule. For more information about coaching, click here.

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Thank you for an absolutely outstanding event for our management team! I can’t tell you the number of people who expressed how much they enjoyed it and how this was the best speaker we had ever had!
— Julie Blind, Sierra View District Hospital