Every Moment MUST Count

According to a study by TTI Performance Systems, 62% of serial entrepreneurs (those who are constantly coming up with new ideas and starting new businesses or initiatives) see it as a top priority to get a practical return on time or money spent. I looked at that number and thought, "Well, for average adults it would probably be lower... maybe something around 40-50%." I was surprised to find that the number was even lower-38%!

What about you? How often do you sincerely question how you are spending your time and money? Think of the difference it could make if you did. Questioning the return on investment of your time in various places. Will it best contribute to you accomplishing your purpose-or is it just a filler?

My parents have lots of HUGE oak trees and they are beginning to cover their yard with an untold number of leaves. While there earlier this week I began the arduous task of removing them. My time was limited, but I knew I needed to get started before the task became evern greater. About an hour into the experience I looked up and saw my dad looking out the window. While he was pleased with my work, I had to stop and ask myself, "Is the best use of my time to be out here getting up leaves? Wouldn't it be better for me to be inside talking with him or taking him on errands-or just simply being there?" He won't be around forever, and neither will mom. So, I am collecting a list of potential teenagers, lawn services, etc. who may be interested in taking care of the leaves. Sure there's a cost involved-but the investment will certainly free me up to spend more quality time with them. Ask me which is more important at this stage of my life-and theirs.

What changes do you need to make in how you spend your time to get a better return?

Jones LoflinComment