Look Out The Window

A common suggestion for those who do alot of work in front of a computer screen is to focus on an object in the distance to reduce eye strain. I have a window next to my desk and I frequently look out and focus on the twigs on a tree or a leaves on a shrub. In fact it's almost become a game to see just how much detail I can find in an object. It's also motivating because there is always something new to see-especially during this Spring season.

I notice that the days I leave the office and feel more fatigued are those days I rarely engage in this "game" of looking out the window. I have been too busy to focus on anything else besides the immediate task at hand. The work got done, but at what cost?

I think there's a larger lesson for me (and you) in this experience. If we are always focusing on the task at hand and never looking ahead (in the distance), it's easy to not stay motivated. But, if we are frequently reflecting on a positive future event or activity it helps us stay the course and keep our minds fresh. Now, if you will excuse me, I think I need to count how many gnats are swarming around the flower outside my window.

Jones LoflinComment