How to Form New Habits with “After I” Statements

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Let’s face it, we all want to start better habits and often have good intentions to do so. While we are well-meaning in this goal, it seems like we are just too busy to implement something new. I get it and know the feeling. What if I told you that there was a simple, effective way to build new habits into your daily schedule?

Quite possibly, you are rolling your eyes as you reflect on already having too much going on already. How could you possibly add anything else to your plate? Just stick with me because I have a simple game changer to share that will give you a jump start to better habits.

“After I” Statements

A technique that works for me is utilizing an “After I” statement. I’ve found that it’s a unique way to get a particular habit to fit into my day. If you think about it, the hard part is usually figuring out how to be consistent with making sure that the habit actually happens. This technique literally helps you to give specific tasks a “home” in your schedule by incorporating them regularly with an “After I” statement.

For me, a few daily examples include:

  • After I start with my morning coffee, I get on the floor and do 17 pushups.

  • After I finish a phone call, I take three minutes to reflect and capture my thoughts.

  • After I return from lunch, I tackle a complex task before jumping into my email.

Making it Happen

Adding consistent habits to your day won’t just materialize on their own. We all must take ownership of this goal and put some effort into implementation. The “After I” statement is an excellent and simple way to give habits a spot in your daily agenda.

We all can think of things that we should be doing and wish we were doing. Put some thought into what you’d like to pull off each day. Then figure out some “After I” statements that will enable you to incorporate new habits into your day and week. Try it!

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