"Who Is Looking For You?"

No, this is not about dating sites or who has been looking at your Facebook page. I am instead referring to your work environment. Who is looking forward to seeing you at work today? More importantly, who are you looking forward to seeing at work? Having worked with companies and organizations for several years, I always smile when I see people who like working together because they like each other. With all the pressures placed on productivity and less people to get the work done, having a positive relationship with your co workers is critical-even essential to making it through the day... and wanting to return the next day.

My dad worked in a furniture factory for several years. He took great pride in his work and never complained about the working conditions. What really made him get up every morning and look forward to the work, however, was the people. To this day I meet people in my hometown who tell me how much they enjoyed working with my dad. He tells me stories of how they laughed, shared food at lunch and just enjoyed being around each other. When I was a teacher, there was one teacher I looked forward to seeing every day. If I got to speak to him before school my day went much better. And when I had a bad day, he was the first person I wanted to hang out with after school.

If you are looking to improve your attitude toward work, and make the days go more smoothly, why not start with yourself. Look for those people who can brighten your day and make things go better. Spend time with them. And don't forget to be that person to others as well.