What's Your Window?

Last weekend I worked with a group of retail store owners who have quite a different sales environment. They operate stores that are open about 4 months during the year, but must generate most of their revenue in the 2-3 weeks leading up to Christmas. Everything from logistics of product to stocking the stores to insuring that the right employees are in place must happen without a hitch-or at least without very many of them. I truly admire how they make it happen with such a smalll window of opportunity. Some of them even have Halloween stores. There's an even smaller sales opportunity!

When you think about it, the chance to accomplish anything of great worth has a "window of opportunity." Getting your boss to say "yes" to a new initiative is most likely to happen when you have some previous successes to stand on or have recently proven yourself. The right moment to add a new product or service to your business is also limited to several factors. Even having that perfect outing with your family, spouse or child requires that you make the most of your current resources.

The next time you need motivation to move forward with a complex or difficult idea, ask yourself, "What's my window of opportunity?" It may be smaller than you think.