Putting The Philosophy Of Good Enough To Work For You

The philosophy of good enough is the idea that there are some tasks and activities that don’t have to be perfectly done. The benefit is that you don’t spend as much time on the less important, making more time available for those tasks and activities that can best move your work and life forward.

While I know you might find exceptions to my list, here are three places I think we need to settle for good enough more often.

Be honest. When you get a long, involved email from someone, do you really read it in great detail? Or do you tend to skim it, looking for the key ideas. Why not limit the length of your emails, putting in only the required information? Then set up a phone call or face to face meeting to discuss the ideas in greater detail.

I love to be adventurous with eating, but I’ve wasted way too many minutes trying to decide between different options. Now I ask myself questions like, “Is this option healthy?” or “Is it quick?” If so, I choose it. I use weekends and times when I’m not as busy to explore a wider range of options.

I rarely hear adults say, “I was so scarred by growing up in a cluttered home.” While I think our homes need to be clean and comfortable, I also think that trying to keep every room looking like a page out of Better Homes and Gardens is a poor use of time.

What are some tasks or activities you have found where the idea of “good enough” helps free up more time for what is most important? Send me an email or post your comments below.