The Most Telling Feedback

At many of my programs I provide small feedback sheets people can use to share answers to two questions. One of the questions is, “What did you find most beneficial about today’s program?” Last week I got the most unique response I can ever remember. Their answer simply was, “I realized I am not alone.”

It’s shocking that people actually think most everyone else has a better handle on work life balance issues than they do. The feeling of isolation and failure must be huge. If you are in a similar position and falsely feel like you are the only person in the world that struggles with such issues, know that you are NOT alone. If you aren’t struggling, then you probably are experiencing mediocrity in one or more areas of your life.

To help begin the discussion with others, don’t be afraid to mention your quest to achieve better work life balance. Just bringing up the subject may encourage others to talk about it. And who knows, you might just get some feedback on how you can improve your situation.