The Value of Routine

I was in Austin Texas on Sunday. You can check out a couple of pictures on my FB page. While at a reception for the association members I had spoken to earlier in the day, I noticed people gathering along one side of a bridge along the river. I'm talking over a hundred people!  When I asked about the reason, I learned that Austin Texas has the largest urban bat colony in the United States residing under the Colony Street bridge. And every night at dusk, the bats come streaming out and fly down river to begin their nightly feeding. It was an incredible sight! For about 10 minutes a steady stream of bats flew along the river's edge.

As I watched the crowd of people and the tourist boats that gathered to watch this natural wonder, I couldn't help but think about the value of routine. The natural world teaches us so much about how important routine is in survival and success. It made me reflect on my own need to create more routines in my own life. Not just for my own benefit, but for the benefit of others (the bat's routine allowed tourists, boat operators and others to plan more efficiently because they knew when the event was going to take place.)

What routine do you need to continue or start to increase your chances of success with something? Maybe there is value in the phrase, "Going batty."