Preventable Pruning

See the oak tree with the huge gap cut out of the middle? It's an all too common site as vegetation management companies, on behalf of utility companies, prune the trees so they will not interfere with the transmission lines. Ice storms and wind can quickly break the limbs and cause power loss for many people.

Every time I see instances like this I am quite disappointed. The original landowner may never have imagined power lines coming through his property, and if so, we can overlook the result. Too often, however, I see trees that were planted under transmission lines long after the lines were put in place. Why, one might ask-because it's easy to line up the trees when you have the power lines as a guide. Then,  years later, after so much growth has been occured, the trees get pruned, the homeowner is angry and nobody wins. The utility company was actually showing mercy to the tree at this point because the efficient solution would have been to cut the tree down completely.

The insight for me is that before I undertake any new venture or project I need to seriously consider what it will look like in 6 months, 2 years or even a decade later if it's a monumental initiative. Then, I can envision how it "fits" in the landscape of my work and life, and determine if I am planning appropriately, or if I need to move it to a different time in my day, week or year. Ultimately, I won't have the pain of seeing those efforts "cut back" or destroyed because I didn't see the big picture.

What's an idea you are thinking of "growing" into reality that could use a little more planning before you plant it? A few extra moments now could save you a lot of pain later. Just ask the homeowner in this picture-or the tree (if it could talk of course).